Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rock Star Chic(k)

I finally got a guitar, so I can start learning to play. :) I am totally excited about that, and that got me thinking about fashion and style, Rock and Roll fashion to be exact. Fashion and Style make up most of my days and I love it. I thought I'd put some Rock & Roll outfit ideas together and see what I come up with and hopefully I can do a photo shoot with the stunning girl who agreed to be my model, featuring some of these looks. Here's the two I have so far:

In this look, I have a Leather Jacket over a Plain White T-Shirt, Cropped Distressed Denim, Opaque Tights and Studded Rock 'n Roll Ankle Boot.

Mixing leather with denim, would look really stunning. Here I have a Drop Back Sleeveless Denim Shirt, a Cropped Leather Jacket, Ripped Tights and these beautiful Peep Toe Studded Ankle Boots.
 Both these looks are for a night out, complete the with some smokey eye make-up, and red lips...Hair? Curly, unruly...

Turns out I was not done yet, decided to put something together thats casual and sporty as well...enjoy...

Sporty and Casual, Printed Tee, Black Leather Tights, those Round Lens "Lennon" Sunglasses, All Star Sneakers with some graphics, and the Rockstar inspired nail art to accessorise. The denim jacket is an extra depending on the weather.

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