Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How to Wear: Harem Pants

I am back! Apologies for the long silence. Took a break to study and complete an assignment or two, but I am back and ready to post again. There are such a lot of blogs and webpages on the internet about fashion and style, once I start surfing I just can't stop (I enjoy it though, don't get me wrong)

With all this information available it's important to stay true to your own style, be original and stand out. It is so easy to just "google" and find things nowadays; but how do you stay true to your own personal style, and still manage to keep up with the trends? Sure the outfit looked good on someone else, but that doesn't necessarilly mean it would look good or you, or it won't.

Staying true to my own personal style and favorites; today I am going to style a pair of HAREM PANTS, YES! Those MC Hammer Pants. LOL. I just love them and I know most people have a lot to say about them, but I just don't care.

So here are 3 pairings with the "MC HAMMER PANTS" :)

Brown Harem Pants
Orange Thin Belt
White Button Up Shirt
Nude Heels
Nude Bag
Cream and Gold Vintage Necklace

In this 1st pairing, I used brown harem pants. Paired them with a simple white button up shirt. The bag, shoes and necklace are all neutral colors, with the thin orange belt for some color.

Black Harem Pant
Black and Pink Racer Back Top
Denim Jacket
Vintage Pumps
Black Shopper Bag
Silver Pendant Necklace
Oversized Sunnies

I used a pair of black harem pants, paired with a pink and black racer back top with a denim jacket. Loving the vintage flats in this color, finish things off with a black shopper bag, silver pendant necklace and oversized sunnies.

Black Harem Pants
Black Sleeveless Shirt
Striped Blazer
Green Bag
Clog Heels
Vintage Silver Necklace

The last pairing is also of a pair of black harem pants, paired with a black sleeveless shirt. The focus of this pairing though would be the striped blazer, and I'm good with that. Accessorize this pairing with a vintage silver necklace, green sling bag, and black clog patforms.

All these 3 pairings are definitely for early Fall, and harem pants are definitely "all year round" kind of clothing item.

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