Thursday, 22 March 2012

Skinny Jeans: Fall / Winter 2012

Skinny Jeans are definitely a staple for any wardrobe; whether its Winter/Summer. They come in all kinds of different colors, and quite easy to style...

Here I took 4 of the basic colour; Blue, Black, Gray and Red...

Red - Menswear

Red Skinny Jeans
Black Boyfriend Blazer
White Sleeveless Button Up
Black Belt
Messenger Clutch Bag
Leopard Print Bootie
Vintage Gold Necklace

The menswear look is totally in; and I just love it. If you like the look, invest in a Messenger Bag or Clutch; as well as the Vintage Necklace or Gold Collar Necklace (tried looking locally for these, but could only find them  online)

Grey - The Biker Chic(k) Look (Almost)

Grey Sknny Jeans
Leather Jacket
Pink and Grey Sweater
Brown Ankle Boot
Rose Gold Hoops
Mint Green Nails

The only think that makes this pairing biker chick, is the leather jacket :)
I love grey skinny jeans with a brown ankle boot, this look is very laid back and for Winter.

Black - Nerdy in Neon

Black Skinny Jeans
Crisp White Shirt
Neon Yellow Sweater
Messenger Sling Bag
Black Brogue Lace Up Shows
Neon Green Statement Ring
Nerdy Glasses

The cute as a button nerdy look is one of my favorites...any girl who pulls this look off has my respect. Nerdy glasses, man's sweater and the brogue shoes make this look. For some good quality Brogue Shoes, check out Foschini here

Blue - The Casual Friday Look

Blue Skinny Jeans (Distressed)
Grey Fitted Blazer
Pink Sleeveless Top
Nude Pumps
Brown Leather Tote
Statement Ring

When you want to wear your jeans to the office and still look professional; this pairing is perfect for you. Every girl need to invest in a pair of nude pumps, they are great with skinny jeans and help elongate your legs. My favorite item here; the brown leather tote.

I left out the white skinny jeans on purpose, look out for a post just dedicated to them.
Thank you for reading.


  1. I'm really digg'n the boyfriend blazer, where can I get 1??

    1. I have just been to Mr Price and they have the blazers for R139.95

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