Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wear This Season's Trends on Your Nails

"Candy Colors; colors are soft this season."
OPI "Pirates of the Caribbean" Collection


Mellow Yellow

Pastel Nail Art

"Just in time to light up the winter season"
Neon Nail Polish Collection from Essie

Neon Orange

Neon Yellow

Neon Nail Art
Neon Nail Art

"Liquid and glittering colors, in golds, greens, silver, etc"
Metalic Nail Polish Collection by Channel

Metalic Green

Blue and Gold Metalic Nail Art

Gold and Black Metalic Nail Art

 "Animal and tribal prints make their come back this season."

Purple and Silver Animal Print

Red Moon Mani w/ Leopard Print

Tribal Print


The possibilities are endless on how you can accessorize with your nails;  there are a few tutorials on nail art on my Facebook page. Click here

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