Monday, 25 June 2012

How To Wear: The Leather Riding Boots

One of my winter loves has to be boots, and the best part is that they come in a variety of designs. From long to short,heel to flat.

Some days you just want to be warm, and just "comfortable"...and  that is where the leather riding boots come. They are absolutely cute.

Here I tried to create 4 pairings with the ALDO "Roediger Riding" Boot and I chose the tan one. I have to say, its one beautiful boot!

Look One

1. Boot 2. Jeggings 3. Oversized Knitted Jersey 4. Layering Top 5. Infinity Scarf 6. Light Pink Bag 7. Watch 8. Bangles

The first look, is very simple. I love wearing boots with either tights or jeggings (or even skinny jeans); because the material is slightly thinner than denim, and it won't cause any discomfort.
Here I used very simple (natural) colors, the grey, green and browns. Added a bit of color and bling with the accessories.

Look Two

1. Boot 2. Parka Jacket 3. Mint Skinny Jeans 4. Oversized Sweater 5. Scarf 6. Cross - Body Bag 7. Cross Ring

This 2nd one, was inspired by last week Friday. That day was so incredibly cold and I am not fond of thick clothing so the Parka Jacket is perfect for me. I love me some leopard print scarf too.

Look Three

1. Boots 2. Bleached Denim Shirt 3. Black Leggings 4. Blazer 5. Color Blocking Bag 6. Neon Yellow Bib Necklace & Earrings 7. Belt

Here I tried to add some color with the accessories as well. I absolutely love the bright necklace against the denim shirt. Neon Yellow is one of this season's on trend colors.

Look Four

1. Boot 2. Vintage Dress w/ Peter Pan Collar 3. Cable Knit Cardigan 4. Knee High Socks 5. Cross-Body Bag 6. Statement Ring

Look number 4 is totally experimental, but I do love it. Its very cute and girly. Its definitely for slightly warmer winter days. The belt from the dress can be worn over the cardigan; and this dress is so unbelievably cute.

Stay Warm :)
xoxo Nikki xoxo

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Winter Comfort: Wellingtons

Picture from Naratives

It is freezing cold out there and our priority should be to stay warm (and dry when its raining, like this past weekend)...adding to that; we still want to be stylish and cute and trendy...and comfortable.

For me that's where the wellington boots, come in. Now if you were a kid in the 90's you will remember that those wellington boots were not that good looking or considered fashionable. When I think back on the wellingtons (red ones) I had back then; I kinda cringe (used). Then I saw a picture of Kate Moss wearing a pair some years back and I was sold again. Been a fan ever since then.

Now they are more than just some PVC boots you have at the back of your closet, that you only remember when it is raining or you have some gardening to attend to. It's a fashion statement, and one that's comfortable and a great idea for the cold (and sometimes wet) winter days.

Picture from Chictopia

And the best news, there are other options available besides the plain ones. Invest in a pair with some stylish detail, to make a fashion statement.

1. Tartan Wellingtons 2. Tweed Wellingtons 3. Lace - Up Wellingtons 4. Quilted Wellingtons  5. Leopard Print Wellingtons 6. Graphic Wellingtons

Picture from Footluxe

Thursday, 7 June 2012

How To Wear: The Faux Fur Vest

Fur is in this season, faux fur that is; being stylish and fashionable, and being responsible (animal friendly) at the same time.

You have to be very careful with faux fur, to make sure that it lasts and still looks as good as new.

1. If its raining, do not wear your faux fur as the material is not designed to be worn in the rain.
2. Use a soft-bristle clothing brush to smooth out the fabric.
3. Use a cleaning solution designed to clean faux fur.
4. Store it in a dry place to prevent the fibers from becoming frizzy.
5. Take your faux fur to a professional cleaner for thourough cleaning.

Tips from

I worked on 3 pairing with a faux fur vest; here we go:

Look One

1. Top, 2. Faux Fur Vest, 3. Skinny Jeans, 4. Bangles, 5. Leopard Print Flats, 6. Black Clutch,  7. Round Sunnies
Look Two
1. Metallic Sweater, 2. Faux Fur Vest, 3. Shorts, 4. Maroon Tights, 5. Brogue Bootie, 6. Bib Necklace, 7. Green Cross-Body Bag
Look Three
1. Mustard Bodycon Dress, 2. Faux Fur Vest, 3. Patterned Tights, 4. Two Tone Wedge Ankle Boot, 5. Gold Woven Bracelet, 6. Purple Tote Bag

Monday, 4 June 2012

Winter Colors: Maroon

I am BACK! Its that time of the year again...mid-year exams and there is no end to the studying and read up on things and if you are like me doing research on almost everything so I can get a better understanding of what I am studying, you will have no time to do anything I have not been hibernating...

I have been missing from this blog though and I am feeling a bit disconnected. I haven't even been looking at fashion magazines that much lately. *shocker*

This post is the start of and I am going to try and get back to the swing of things, do as much as I can before I have to hit the books again.

One of my favorite things about this season is the colors and my favorite for this week has to be maroon. Its warm, and its very "easy" and feels like part of nature.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the trend into your wardrobe: