Monday, 23 April 2012

How to Wear: The Peter Pan Collar Shirt

The Peter Pan Collar is back, this trend dating as far back as the 1930's has made its come back this winter. Its girly, whimsical with a touch of romance. The blouses/shirts can be paired with anything from skinny jeans, lace shorts, skirts and can also be worn under dresses (example the Skater Dress)...

There are also these detachable Peter Pan Collars; that you can wear on top of your sweater or under a collar. Youtube is full of videos on how you can make you own detachable Peter Pan Collar. Check out this video

3 Looks with a Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt:

Look One - Pastel Colors

Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt
Pastel Blue Jeans
Pastel Pink Blazer
Silver Pump
Fold Over Clutch Bag
Silver Accessories

Look Two - The Lace Shorts

Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt
Black Lace Shorts
Denim Jacket
Lita Boots
Red Satchel
Gold Collar Necklace
Polka Dotted Stockings

Look Three - The Flarred Skirt

Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt
Black Flarred Skirt
Mint Green Sweater
Silver Sparkly Stilleto from Sissy Boy
Frilly Ankle Socks
Shopper Bag in Pastels
Somes Pearls

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