Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How To Wear: Leather Pants

YDE R380.00

These pants are by ICON Ready to Wear and available at YDE for R380.00

I absolutely love these pants and they are perfect for the Fall/Winter weather. They are very easy to style, either up or down or to get that chic look, or even the rock chick look.

I have paired them with different types of fabrics; from chiffon, to knitwear, and from cotton to lace. I have tried to make the pants the main focus of each look.

Black Leather Pants (available at YDE for R380.00)
Emerald Green Chiffon Top
Black Bag
Statement Gold and Emerald Ring
Black Stilleto Pumps (Sissy Boy for R380.00)

The 1st pairing is very chic and put together. I have paired the leather pants with a chiffon top, the material is soft and compliments the leather. The black heel pumps finish off the outfit. Complete the look with a emerald and gold statement ring, black bag and black nail polish.

Black Leather Pants (available at YDE for R380.00)
Grey Vest
Yellow Lace Blazer
Black Shopper
Silver Hoops
Black Wedge Shoes (Sissy Boy for R420.00)

I know what I said earlier about the pants being the focus, but this yellow lace blazer kind of takes center stage. Here I'm pairing the pants with a cotton grey vest, put the stunning yellow lace blazer on top (not sure if these blazers are still available, or were even sold locally; but I am sure that you can take a regular blazer [black or white even tan] and get a bright colored lace material and get someone to put it together for you.). Finish off this pairing with some silver jewelery, black shopper bag and a black wedge shoe. This look is perfect for a night out.

Black Leather Pants (available at YDE for R380.00)
Oversized Sweater
Leopard Print Scarf
Lace Up Ankle Boots in Tan
Gold Watch
Orly Lollipop Nails

Pairing number 3 is laid back, features one of my favorite item of clothing; the oversized dolman sleeve sweater/top. This top is knitwear, which contrast the leather pants in a good way. Love the tan lace up booties, complete this pairing with a gold watch/bracelet, a leopard print scarf and some cute nail polish.

Black Leather Pants (available at YDE for R380.00)
Stripped Vest
White Boyfriend Blazer
Purple Shopper
Black Flat Pumps
Silver Necklace

Casual, comfortable and laid back. This look is perfect for shopping and running errands or just a going to lunch with friends. I have paired the pants with a stripped vest, a white boyfriend blazer, black flat pumps, silver necklace and a purple bag.

These pants has to be one of the easiest things to style, I absolutely love them. The pairings that I have not posted on the blog, will be posted on the blog's Facebook page, which can be found here

Note: Posts on pairing will be done on a weekly basis, daily stylist tips will be on the Blog's Facebook Page

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