Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wear This Season's Trends on Your Nails

"Candy Colors; colors are soft this season."
OPI "Pirates of the Caribbean" Collection


Mellow Yellow

Pastel Nail Art

"Just in time to light up the winter season"
Neon Nail Polish Collection from Essie

Neon Orange

Neon Yellow

Neon Nail Art
Neon Nail Art

"Liquid and glittering colors, in golds, greens, silver, etc"
Metalic Nail Polish Collection by Channel

Metalic Green

Blue and Gold Metalic Nail Art

Gold and Black Metalic Nail Art

 "Animal and tribal prints make their come back this season."

Purple and Silver Animal Print

Red Moon Mani w/ Leopard Print

Tribal Print


The possibilities are endless on how you can accessorize with your nails;  there are a few tutorials on nail art on my Facebook page. Click here

Monday, 23 April 2012

How to Wear: The Peter Pan Collar Shirt

The Peter Pan Collar is back, this trend dating as far back as the 1930's has made its come back this winter. Its girly, whimsical with a touch of romance. The blouses/shirts can be paired with anything from skinny jeans, lace shorts, skirts and can also be worn under dresses (example the Skater Dress)...

There are also these detachable Peter Pan Collars; that you can wear on top of your sweater or under a collar. Youtube is full of videos on how you can make you own detachable Peter Pan Collar. Check out this video

3 Looks with a Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt:

Look One - Pastel Colors

Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt
Pastel Blue Jeans
Pastel Pink Blazer
Silver Pump
Fold Over Clutch Bag
Silver Accessories

Look Two - The Lace Shorts

Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt
Black Lace Shorts
Denim Jacket
Lita Boots
Red Satchel
Gold Collar Necklace
Polka Dotted Stockings

Look Three - The Flarred Skirt

Crisp White Peter Pan Collar Shirt
Black Flarred Skirt
Mint Green Sweater
Silver Sparkly Stilleto from Sissy Boy
Frilly Ankle Socks
Shopper Bag in Pastels
Somes Pearls

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Trends I Love: Aztec Prints

I love prints so much and my latest love are AZTEC PRINTS (sometimes called ethnic or tribal prints)
The trend definitely should be part of anyone's winter wardrobe.


·         Get Advise; style blogs have been featuring this look for years; go to the internet for some advice and inspiration.

·         Don’t Overdo It; when you decide on wearing tribal prints be careful not to add things like feathers. Also when you are starting out, try to pair the prints with neutral colors.

·         Mix Your Prints; when doing this, look it up first. Lots of style bloggers (on Lookbook) mix the Aztec prints with other prints like animal prints, plaids and stripes. Remember to keep it simple though, no going overdo.

·         Add Texture; tribal prints are great with leather, suede and fur (faux)

·         Accessorize; sample the trend with accessories at first, get the bag, scarf or jewellery to see if you like it and if you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe.
Side note: Aztec prints look great paired with boots and/or denim.

Aztec Prints

Aztec Prints - Accessories


Kim Kardashian

(from the left) Blake Lively, Hillary Duff, Heidi Klum




@ Jay Jays 1. Jersey R229.00, 2. Leggings R119.00

Poncho @ Jay Jays for R229.99

Skirt @ Jay Jays for R169.00

Top @ Babette for R250.00

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fashion Statement: STYLISH Eyewear

One of my favorite things I love about Winter 2012 is the eyewear, you don't only get to wear those huge sunglasses that make you look like a bug...LOL.
Frames are definitely smaller, different shapes and colors; the color does not just stop with the frames though...I love the colorful lenses as well. And since we probably won't be getting a lot of sun these day, the clear lenses would make a perfect accessory. Let me just say the round and the cat eye frame are my top favorites.

The Cat Eye

The Cat Eye with a thick frame
Leopard Print (the cat eye is subtle here)

The color frame and tinted lens

Exaggerated, thick frame

The Round Sunglasses

Thick plastic frame

Very Interesting print frame

Personal Fave: John Lennon Sunglasses

Make a statement with these OTT Prada ones

The Nerdy Glasses

The essential geeky accessory

White frame, I sure want this one

Color frame

The neon yellow frame...likey

Tinted lens