Friday, 17 February 2012

Cheers To The Weekend

This is definitely a last minute post, I usually prepare my posts a day before and then just finish them off the afternoon of the day I want to post them and then publish. This one I thought of today and I just had to quickly look for stuff and get it oline.

I put together these two looks basically using 2 things; a denim shirt (yeah! they are still cool!) and I also use print (floral) - floral shorts and floral jumpsuit...and maybe I can say "vintagey" accessories. You will definitely see that I included a little bit of indie with the bracelets and the brown sandal, some vintage with the lace up shoes and the sling bag and of course the gorgeous brown fedora hat.

This first look, I got a denim shirt, that you can tuck into the floral shorst. The shorst are loose fitting, which I like. Love, love the flat brown vintage lace-up shoes, then you got the vintage sling bag. Complete the outfit with some brown sunnies, a fedora hat and gold accessories.

In this one; I am using the denim shirt (leave the shirt unbuttoned) again and this time its worn over a floral jumpsuit, the shoes are my favorite again, the indie style platform sandals, complete the look with a similar sling bag, a lovely gold pendant necklace, a stack of indie style bracelets and blue sunnies. The waist of the jumpsuit I have here is clinched, but if you have one that is can use a belt over the denim shirt to give yourself a waist.

A belt like this one:

So there you have it, the first of many weekend outfits to come. It will only get better :)

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