Tuesday, 28 February 2012

All Year Round: Summer Dresses

I was going to start posting about the change of seasons, the fall/winter closet essentials, transitional pieces from Summer to Fall; BUT with the way it is so HOT outside, I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean what would you think of me if I start going on about knitwear in this HEAT. I am looking forward to some chill in the air, but I have to say; it might be a very long time before we get any chill. Summer is refusing to let go and for some of us who have already been planning our wardrobes for winter, its not such a good thing.

So instead, I am going to tell you which Summer item you can keep in your closet for your Winter outfits...THE SUMMER DRESSES...loveable, light...if you are too attached, this is obviously great news...

You can keep warm (if it ever gets cold, I am not sure today); but pairing these with the winter wardrobe essentials.

KNITWEAR (yes knitwear, but focus on the SUMMER Dress instead)

Curve Jumper @Foschini for R320



Knit Blazer @Foschini for R320

The Boyfriend Blazer

I adore this orange Cardigan

BOOTS (for now I am just talking about ankle boots, I can't even look at a tall boot today)

Cuffed Boot @Foschini for R350

Lace - Up Boot @Foschini for R390


Printed Scarf with Tassles @Foschini for R90

This almost (or completely) covers most of Fall must have items...so in the next few weeks be on the look out for posts with pairing on these items including the Summer Dresses...

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