Tuesday, 28 February 2012

All Year Round: Summer Dresses

I was going to start posting about the change of seasons, the fall/winter closet essentials, transitional pieces from Summer to Fall; BUT with the way it is so HOT outside, I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean what would you think of me if I start going on about knitwear in this HEAT. I am looking forward to some chill in the air, but I have to say; it might be a very long time before we get any chill. Summer is refusing to let go and for some of us who have already been planning our wardrobes for winter, its not such a good thing.

So instead, I am going to tell you which Summer item you can keep in your closet for your Winter outfits...THE SUMMER DRESSES...loveable, light...if you are too attached, this is obviously great news...

You can keep warm (if it ever gets cold, I am not sure today); but pairing these with the winter wardrobe essentials.

KNITWEAR (yes knitwear, but focus on the SUMMER Dress instead)

Curve Jumper @Foschini for R320



Knit Blazer @Foschini for R320

The Boyfriend Blazer

I adore this orange Cardigan

BOOTS (for now I am just talking about ankle boots, I can't even look at a tall boot today)

Cuffed Boot @Foschini for R350

Lace - Up Boot @Foschini for R390


Printed Scarf with Tassles @Foschini for R90

This almost (or completely) covers most of Fall must have items...so in the next few weeks be on the look out for posts with pairing on these items including the Summer Dresses...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend Looks: The Boyfriends Jeans

Boyfriends are definitely on trend for Fall/ Winter. They are really comfortable and you can pair them with a t-shirt and flats for a casual look or a button up shirt for a night out. Here's a look at 3 pairings for the weekend;

Boyfriend Jeans
Racer Back T-Shirt
Plaid Button Up Shirt
"Nerdy" Sunglasses
Black Shopper

Here I am pairing the jeans with a white racer back top, tucked into the pants and the plaid shirt is worn over the top, unbuttoned. For the shoes, I chose a comfortable gladiator sandal with a small heel, accessorising with those cute-as-a-button geeky glasses and take your shopper bag with you. This look is very laid back, for running errands or just hanging out.

Trend Alert:

In this pairing, I have a few trends that you can look out for in the upcoming season. The layering and plaid clothing. I personally love plaid shirts! And I will be doing a post on layering in the upcoming weeks leading to winter.

Boyfriend Jeans
Cropped Stripped Shirt
Vintage Sandals 
Straw Trilby Hat
Vintage Sling Bag
Gold Pendant Necklace

The 2nd pairing has a lot of vintage piece, I just love timeless items of clothing. Here I'm pairing the jeans with a white stripped cropped top, the strappy sandals, with a small heel as well. Added a trilby hat, a beautiful vintage pendant necklace and brown sunnies. For the final touch, I added a brown vintage sling bag to this look. The look is a also very laid back and casual.

Trend Alert:

Vintage sling bag, get one. Its timeless and its a great investment.

Boyfriend Jeans
Black Sleeveless Shirt
Fitted Blazer
Leopard Print Peep Toe
Vintage Gold Necklace
Gold Clutch

The 3rd and final pairing is for the Saturday night out or even date night. Its chic and elegant. Here I am pairing the BF jeans with a plain black button up shirt (sleeveless), a gorgeous leopard print peep toe shoe (or a bootie), the vintage gold necklace, which is worn under the colar of the shirt (you button up the shirt all the way to the top, and wear the necklace like a tie), and I have also included a simple, but elegant gold clutch bag. Now the fitted blazer does bring the look together, but can be taken off if its a nice warm night.

Trend Alert:

3 upcoming trends featured in this look, besides the jeans. 1st one is the fitted blazer. Blazers are a must have for winter, and best to get a fitted one (be on the look out for a post on how to wear your fitted blazer for winter). 2nd trend is the leopard print shoes; heels, flats, wedges, they are all in! And lastly the button up shirt, all colours basically...I think I should add a 4th trend; that gold vintage necklace, my advice is get one; I am also going to post on how to wear it and try to find out where you can buy them locally and the prices.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

How To Wear: Plain White T-Shirt

Plain white tees are so beautiful , elegant, and yet so simple and easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe. Today I thought about coming up with outfits that focus on the t-shirt...I chose a loose fitting t-shirt for all 3 looks.

 Here you have the plain white loose fitting t-shirt, paired with blue jeans (this is not your traditional blue jeans, I just love the different colours of skinny jeans). Shoes, I decided on a black heel pump, to accessorise, there is the beautiful leopard print scarf, and the chunky gold bracelet and complete this with a black shopper and you are good to go.

One more thing...tuck the t-shirt on the one side and let the other side hang out.

The second look, is semi formal. This one is very simple. Pair the tee with a burnt orange pencil skirt, and a cute nude wedge heel pump, accessorise with a gold pendant necklace and I just love this brown clutch. Tuck the t-shirt into the skirt with this one.

The last look...I love it! Here I paired the t-shirt with tailored shorts, and my favorite thing today; these black DOLCE VITA JEZABEL PLATFORM HEELS. Accessorise with a gold pendant necklace, add some colour with your nails with the turqouise nial polish, the colour also features on the necklace and some oversized black sunnies to complete your look. Tuck the tee only infront and leave the back hanging out...

This was fun, will definitely come up with more pairings for the white t-shirt in the future. :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Black & White with Colour

Black and White outfits? Boring? Or not? What if I were to put some colour into the mix? Not that I think black and white is boring, or too formal either. I just want to keep things interesting. Black and white outfit combinations will always (in my book, atleast) be classy and sophisticated.

With this 1st one; I'm adding colour with the beautiful Vintage Blue Sling Bag, and then continue with the blue by adding the Black and Blue Bracelet Stack and the Gorgeous Sunnies.

Here the orange cardigan addss colour to this look, and complete with gold accessories. The shopper is my favourite here :)

Not a lot of bright pieces here, because that stunning Neon Yellow Shoes does fulfills its purpose and adds a bright pop of colour.

The nerdy look, LOVE IT! I have just gone "gaga" over lace shorts, LOL. Here I added RED into the mix and rounded it off with a cropped cute denim jacket.
  So basically, if you feel like you need to add colour to your black and white combination, then go ahead and just remember to keep it classy...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Cheers To The Weekend

This is definitely a last minute post, I usually prepare my posts a day before and then just finish them off the afternoon of the day I want to post them and then publish. This one I thought of today and I just had to quickly look for stuff and get it oline.

I put together these two looks basically using 2 things; a denim shirt (yeah! they are still cool!) and I also use print (floral) - floral shorts and floral jumpsuit...and maybe I can say "vintagey" accessories. You will definitely see that I included a little bit of indie with the bracelets and the brown sandal, some vintage with the lace up shoes and the sling bag and of course the gorgeous brown fedora hat.

This first look, I got a denim shirt, that you can tuck into the floral shorst. The shorst are loose fitting, which I like. Love, love the flat brown vintage lace-up shoes, then you got the vintage sling bag. Complete the outfit with some brown sunnies, a fedora hat and gold accessories.

In this one; I am using the denim shirt (leave the shirt unbuttoned) again and this time its worn over a floral jumpsuit, the shoes are my favorite again, the indie style platform sandals, complete the look with a similar sling bag, a lovely gold pendant necklace, a stack of indie style bracelets and blue sunnies. The waist of the jumpsuit I have here is clinched, but if you have one that is not...you can use a belt over the denim shirt to give yourself a waist.

A belt like this one:

So there you have it, the first of many weekend outfits to come. It will only get better :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rock Star Chic(k)

I finally got a guitar, so I can start learning to play. :) I am totally excited about that, and that got me thinking about fashion and style, Rock and Roll fashion to be exact. Fashion and Style make up most of my days and I love it. I thought I'd put some Rock & Roll outfit ideas together and see what I come up with and hopefully I can do a photo shoot with the stunning girl who agreed to be my model, featuring some of these looks. Here's the two I have so far:

In this look, I have a Leather Jacket over a Plain White T-Shirt, Cropped Distressed Denim, Opaque Tights and Studded Rock 'n Roll Ankle Boot.

Mixing leather with denim, would look really stunning. Here I have a Drop Back Sleeveless Denim Shirt, a Cropped Leather Jacket, Ripped Tights and these beautiful Peep Toe Studded Ankle Boots.
 Both these looks are for a night out, complete the with some smokey eye make-up, and red lips...Hair? Curly, unruly...

Turns out I was not done yet, decided to put something together thats casual and sporty as well...enjoy...

Sporty and Casual, Printed Tee, Black Leather Tights, those Round Lens "Lennon" Sunglasses, All Star Sneakers with some graphics, and the Rockstar inspired nail art to accessorise. The denim jacket is an extra depending on the weather.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Doing Retro in Mustard

First of all I love mustard, I can eat it with everything (but I do not)...so while surfing the internet I came across an article or blog post on mustard retro clothing and I fell inlove...the color is very warm, I think I am going to make it one of my winter colors and maybe be on the look out for a mustard cardigan when I go shopping. Some options of some things I found on the internet...

So thought I'd put together some items using a beautiful mustard top (it's retro of course)


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Four Looks: The Distressed Cut Off Denim

It is the last month of winter and we still have some lovely weather. This is the month to really take advantage of the sunny days, because we are headed for a very cold winter. So shorts are still the in thing, here are some outfit ideas I have put together, for hanging out and shopping, girls night, date night and the beach...

Look 1: this is the girls night out look, I absolutely love the shirt. The shoes are very comfortable, easy to dance in. You can complete this look with a long pendant necklace and an over-sized bag.

Look 2: I like this look for going shopping, its very comfortable, again this top is amazing as well. Im not really into tight fitting tops. This look is very much laid back, adore the flat vintage shoes.

Look 3: the date night look, its elegant, and yet not too elegant. The nights are a bit chilly this time of the year, so the cute pink blazer takes care of that. The lace body suit adds that something sexy into this look.

Look 4: the beach look, its a Summer thing...time to head to the beach every chance you get. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Start Over: Do Over.

Yes! I am back! I had to start all over again, because the cellphone with all my passwords was unfortunately stolen and I had no other way of logging into my blog. I see this though as an opportunity to do this over. That was just a trail run, so let us just hope that I don't lose my phone, or forget my log in information for this particular blog. I have found my model for styling shoots! Yay! Miss Samelia Christian! She's just stunning! :)

She's wearing a Mustard Cropped Jersey and Navy Linen Shorts from Mr Price!