Thursday, 10 May 2012

Weekend Looks: Fall/Winter Must-Haves

It has been some time since I did this kind of post. Decided to do this one on 3 different must-have items; the color opaque tights (yes! you are not limited to just the black), the metallic skinny jeans (gold), the bodycon dress...

Look One - Color Tights
1. Color Opaque Tights ( source )
2. White Chiffon Shirt ( source )
3. Slouchy Denim Shorts ( source )
4. Gold Necklace ( source )
5. Smoking Slipper - this one is from Foschini, not sure if they still have it.
6. Black Hobo Bag ( source )

Side Note: you can add a cardigan (elctric blue) with this if its chilly. If you are looking for a more dresed up look; you can replace the flats with a heel and wear a blazer (electric blue).

Look Two - Metallic Jeans

1. Metallic Jeans ( source )
2. Black Bodysuit ( source )
3. White Blazer ( source )
4. Nude Pumps ( source )
5. Chunky Pearl Bracelets ( source )
6. Black Clutch Bag ( source )

Side Note: this pairing is very chic, can also be done with a silver metallic jeans and instead of the blazer, wear a sweater.

Look Three - The Bodycon Dress

1. Bodycon Dress ( source )
2. Denim Jacket ( source )
3.Leopard Print Bootie ( source )
4.Brown Skinny Belt ( source )
5. Purple Clutch Bag ( source )
6.Statement Ring ( source )

Side Note: I just love the bodycon dress! And clearly the leopard print footwear. A black blazer would also work well here.

Thanks for reading :)

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