Thursday, 7 June 2012

How To Wear: The Faux Fur Vest

Fur is in this season, faux fur that is; being stylish and fashionable, and being responsible (animal friendly) at the same time.

You have to be very careful with faux fur, to make sure that it lasts and still looks as good as new.

1. If its raining, do not wear your faux fur as the material is not designed to be worn in the rain.
2. Use a soft-bristle clothing brush to smooth out the fabric.
3. Use a cleaning solution designed to clean faux fur.
4. Store it in a dry place to prevent the fibers from becoming frizzy.
5. Take your faux fur to a professional cleaner for thourough cleaning.

Tips from

I worked on 3 pairing with a faux fur vest; here we go:

Look One

1. Top, 2. Faux Fur Vest, 3. Skinny Jeans, 4. Bangles, 5. Leopard Print Flats, 6. Black Clutch,  7. Round Sunnies
Look Two
1. Metallic Sweater, 2. Faux Fur Vest, 3. Shorts, 4. Maroon Tights, 5. Brogue Bootie, 6. Bib Necklace, 7. Green Cross-Body Bag
Look Three
1. Mustard Bodycon Dress, 2. Faux Fur Vest, 3. Patterned Tights, 4. Two Tone Wedge Ankle Boot, 5. Gold Woven Bracelet, 6. Purple Tote Bag

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